Looking for an African Adventure?
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Looking for an African Adventure?

Looking for an African Adventure?

As part of the Tanzanian Volunteer Experience auctioned off at the Rafiki Ball, Barry & Jennie Logan spent some time in Kilwa with the children at PEC Primary School.

October 2019 was an amazing time for Jennie and myself as we embarked on our much anticipated Rafiki Volunteer Experience. For almost four weeks we criss-crossed Tanzania, saw some breathtaking sights, met some amazing people and were lucky enough to be part of the Rafiki Surgical Trip 33.

A surprising highlight of the trip was the time we spent in Kilwa, a coastal community some 5 hours drive from Dar es Salaam. Sultan Sultan, a long-time supporter of ATS, has established a private community school in the town, PEC Pre Primary and Primary School, providing local students with high quality education in a secure, non-sectarian environment.

While still a relatively new school, it is punching far above its weight, with students achieving results that put them at the very top of the tables in Tanzania’s education system.

ATS has played a part in helping to fund the construction of new class-rooms for the growing school and now a fantastic opportunity exists for volunteer teachers looking for a new challenge to spend time at the school, working with the teachers and students and enjoying the hospitality and culture of this amazing coastal town.

While you may find the school and its facilities a little different to what you are used to, the curriculum is taught in English and the students are very keen to learn. They are also very polite and met my terrible efforts to teach them the Hippopotamus song with great enthusiasm! Whatever your area of expertise, or special interest, you’ll be able to make a valuable contribution to the school. In return, you’ll be made to feel welcome and appreciated by the local teachers and community.

You’ll not be lost for things to do out of school either, great beaches with swimming, fishing and diving in the clear water. Even head off on safari. The island of Kilwa Kisiwani, just off the coast, has some amazing medieval ruins dating back to when it was the centre of the Kilwa Sultanate, which stretched along the entire Swahili coast, trading in a host of valuable commodities. Interestingly 1000 year old coins from Kilwa have been found in Northern Australia, the oldest foreign artefacts ever found here.

This a great opportunity for a couple, or a couple of friends, to immerse themselves in a rich and diverse culture and be part of an amazing community for the duration of your stay. You’ll need to cover your airfares and general expenses, but you’ll be accommodated and looked after like royalty while you are at the school! Are you up for the challenge?

By Barry Logan

PEC students (Peckies)

Jennie with Precious

Barry & Jennie with new friends

Ruins of Kilwa Kisawai

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