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Your generosity will be greatly appreciated and handled with the utmost care. 100 cents in every dollar raised in Australia is directed towards PEC and the sponsorship recipient.

Funded by sponsors, PEC provides scholarships to promising students who would not be able to access quality education because their families are trapped in extreme poverty. Students are encouraged to apply at all year levels – from early primary school to the final years of primary school. PEC provides high-quality education that regularly ranks in the top 5% in Tanzania, so students are equipped with the skills to move on to their next level of education, and ultimately become leaders in their communities. By sponsoring a student you can help break the cycle of poverty for them and their families through the gift of a high quality education!

PEC’s mission is ‘Fighting Poverty Through Education’ and to gain access to a PEC Scholarship a student must:

  • Be currently enrolled in the specified class at a government school;
  • Have not repeated a class while at school;
  • Be within the right age range; and
  • Pass the poverty criteria established during house visits.

Prospective scholarship recipients are then invited to attend a probation class at PEC. They are expected to attend classes for up to two weeks to ensure that they have the right attitude towards learning and the ability to cope with PEC’s curriculum.

At the end of the process, all new students receive their very own PEC uniform, ready to start classes.

The annual cost of attending PEC as a day student is US$600 (AU$850). This covers the costs of school fees, transport to and from school, meals at school,, school materials, uniforms and events and excursions. The annual costs of sponsoring a boarder are US$900 (AU$1,300) and covers all of the above, plus boarding and all meals.

For boarding student sponsorship of AU$1,200 (US$825) per year is sought for each child to be applied as follows:

A scholarship of US$675 (AU$1,000) being 75% of the school fees, including boarding, will be provided to PEC on behalf of the scholarship recipient. The balance of PEC’s fees (US$225) are to be provided by the recipients’ families. We believe it important for the family to be fully committed to and financially invested in the child’s education, hence the requirement for a contribution towards the fees.

The balance of your sponsorship US$150 will be placed in a reserve fund. This fund, which the recipients will not be made aware of, is established in case any of the recipients’ families are simply unable to find the US$225 to apply towards the child’s education. It must be remembered that the children come from very poor families that may find it impossible to contribute, and some may even be orphans. At the end of the year, any funds not applied to
meet this shortfall will be applied to educational needs at PEC as agreed with ATS.

For day students sponsorship of AU$800 (US$550) per year is sought for each child to be applied as follows:

A scholarship of US$450 being 75% of the school fees will be provided to PEC on behalf of the scholarship recipient. As with the boarding students, the balance of PEC’s fees for day students are to be provided by the recipients’ families.

The balance of your sponsorship US$100 will be placed in a reserve fund on the same terms as set out above.

While we encourage you to view child sponsorship as a long-term partnership, your sponsorship of a PEC scholarship is not a contract and we understand if you wish to cancel your sponsorship at any time, for any reason.