Visit PEC
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Visit PEC

Every year we welcome visitors to PEC to see first hand the impact it is having on its students and community. We can offer safe, affordable accommodation for our visitors, and all visitors are encouraged to take part in the day-to-day life at PEC.


Kilwa Masoko is a port town on the Indian Ocean in southeastern Tanzania. Kilwa Masoko is the current major town of Kilwa District and includes all the hotels in the area as well as a bustling market, beautiful beaches, small fishing communities and is the gateway to the ruins of Kilwa. On nearby Kilwa Kisiwani island, these ancient Swahili ruins were declared a UNESCO World
Heritage Site in 1981.


We can arrange accommodation with en-suite facilities for visitors who participate in a school based itinerary. Although accommodation is available on weekends and public holidays, to maximise your visit and truly experience life at PEC we encourage you to arrange your visit during weekdays.


If you are thinking of planning a visit to PEC School, please contact It’s a good idea to plan 3-6 months in advance.


PEC School has a zero tolerance policy regarding child abuse and whilst undertaking school based activities at PEC School you will be accompanied by a staff member at all times. All visitors are required to read our Code of Conduct and Personal Communications Policy and sign a document on arrival to say you have read and agree to abide by them.