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Is child sponsorship a contract?

No. When you sponsor a child, you’re not entering into a contract but making a voluntary ongoing contribution.

We encourage you to view child sponsorship as a long-term partnership. But if your circumstances change, we can help you adjust or cancel your sponsorship donations at any time, for any reason.

How much money goes to administration?

Australia Tanzania Society (ATS) is a 100 per cent volunteer organisation with no administrative costs.

Is child sponsorship tax deductible?

Your sponsorship payments may be tax deductible, depending on your personal tax position. As a sponsor, you’ll receive a tax receipt detailing your donation.

How can I get my business organisation to get involved?

There are many ways your business or organisation can partner with us to tackle poverty and contribute to the wellbeing of children in Kilwa.

Your options for involvement in child sponsorship include:

  • corporate child sponsorship – your business or organisation may choose to sponsor one or more children.
  • donating educational products to help children at PEC School.

Can I give more than the set amount for child sponsorship?

Sponsors often ask us if they can give more to help their sponsored child – we appreciate this generosity that can help make life-changing work possible.

There is a fixed donation amount, but here are some options to consider if you’d also like to give an extra amount:

  • You may like to sponsor an additional child.
  • Donating educational products to help children at PEC School.
  • A donation towards infrastructure projects at PEC.